The Comments Section

“They should create a $9 bill and put a woman on it. That way the bill would be a perfect representation of what most feminists are, illogical and pretty much useless.”

“Not enough dishes are washed, nor are the Subways around the country adequately staffed. Too soon for women to run the world. “

A group of women are hoping to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 with either Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, or Wilma Mankiller. This sounds like a fantastic idea seeing as Jackson was not the best president and, ironically, vehemently opposed paper money.

However, apparently many people in the comments section disagree. They claim that by replacing Jackson we would be “ignoring American heritage” and say that these women “have done nothing to deserve any type of honor”. Some even claim “It is long past time for a woman to have done something to earn such a recognition… and when one does, we will eagerly honor her”. Apparently, no woman in the history of America has “done something worth putting her on the $20”.

The male commenters are even going so far as to say “And women wonder why they earn less than men. They should not have time for stuff like this”. They also complain about how only one of the women are white and that “sitting at the back of a bus did nothing for society”.

This is the problem America has: blatant ignorance, racism, and sexism. Anyone who says differently is clearly very wrong. It’s comments like this that makes me understand why we as a society are very slow to progress.

The thing is I didn’t even have to dig for these comments. They were right there, the first ones. And these kinds of comments went on for pages with no opposite opinion in sight. People hide behind a computer with these comments because they know their opinion is wrong in so many ways — the most disturbing thing is that these are real thoughts. What people say in the real world many times is a lie. It is only when anonymity is present people feel like they can reveal their true selves. And if these kinds of comments are indicative of people’s true self, America has not progressed one bit. It has only succeeded in hiding racism and sexism, not getting rid of it.


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