The Creature in the Mirror

Today I caught a glance at myself in the mirror
My towel sliding off of me into a black hole.
I froze, knowing my reflection was waiting for me to look at it,
to acknowledge it was there,
beckoning my eyes.
A creature was staring back at me.
I straightened myself,
and the creature did the same,
its saddened, hollow eyes looking through me.
There were dashed lines on its face,
its neck
its stomach
its legs.
I stared at my reflection,
at this creature,
and watched it take a knife
and cut along the lines.
Pieces of the creature fell away
as if they were never there.
I watched the creature sculpt itself
into something new,
something different.
And when it was done,
the creature stared back at me,
with the same hollow eyes
and the same blank expression
as if it wanted to be disappointed,
but was too tired to feel anything.


About returntoneverland

All around procrastinator, screw-up extraordinaire.
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