Three Cheers for Anxiety!

Things currently on my mind that won’t allow me to sleep (not in order):

– personal deadlines for research, rough draft, and editing
– hoy crap, 3 months isn’t long enough.
– this is going to be a terribly long paper.
– what are the educational shortfalls of deaf children?
– School for the Deaf curriculum?
– how do we learn English?

– I’m going to die.
– balancing work with school
– I NEED to be able to apply to grad schools now. I can’t wait any longer!
– oh god, I’m not ready for grad school.
– I don’t want to take the GRE. Stupid GRE.
– I wonder what my daily routine is going to be like?
– maybe I’ll get a boyfriend.
– I won’t have time for a boyfriend.
– definitely a “no” on the boyfriend front.
– am I as good as everyone thinks I am? Everyone keeps saying “Oh you’ll be accepted into a grad program. There is no way you won’t be — you are too smart.” If I’m not accepted, does that mean they are right?

– I NEED to be able to organize and decorate my room. Like there is a serious need going on here.
– Pinterest has pretty things. I should think about all of the pretty things RIGHT NOW.
– I hope it has consistency.

Resident Assistant
– I’m. So. Excited.
– I’m. So. Nervous.
– I hope they all like me. What if they don’t like me? My last floor liked me.
– SO MANY PROGRAM IDEAS. Can I plan them all now?
– … What am I going to do next year when I can’t pin program ideas because I won’t be an RA anymore?
– How the hell am I going to successfully and fluently put on a program for my hearing and Deaf residents at the same time??

– I’m more like my mother than I previously thought.
– oh, god. The world is a terrible place and it can’t get any better and I am sitting here in air conditioning while people are getting bombed.
– my depression might be returning. That’s great.
– I really need to take care of the whole “I need to implement an idea right this second or else I’m going to explode” thing.
– I also need to go to sleep at a decent hour or else the first few weeks of college will not be pretty.
– I have so many medical problems that need attending to. I’ll wait for a while.
– perhaps I should start exercising now…. Nah.


About returntoneverland

All around procrastinator, screw-up extraordinaire.
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