Growing Older but Not Up

I have discovered that coming into adulthood is a bit more difficult than previously thought. It isn’t because of all the new responsibilities or because my maturity level is lacking. Actually, it is because of the people surrounding me. Namely, relatives. 

Yes, relatives — the bane of most people’s existence. It seems like they are a necessary evil in everyone’s lives, and although they can be pleasant they are often the dread of family get-togethers. 

Being a few months shy of 21 and graduating next year, I have been attempting to make the transition from teenager to adulthood as smoothly as possible. I have been doing so whilst away at college, so very few of my family members have seen me in this new light of adulthood and maturity. However, leave it to a few relatives to attempt to make you feel like the child they have always known you as. It is by no fault of their own — when they look at me they see a girl still in diapers, but this view has began to cause more of a disruption between myself and a few family members. They speak to me in a certain tone and attempt to tell me what to do in certain situations, and I have grown up enough to realize that not all adults know what they are talking about. I have also grown up to be fairly outspoken and I don’t appreciate when someone tries to tell me how to handle a specific situation unless I ask for advice. So when a situation like that arises, I voice my opinion, which they are not used to by any means. Somehow, this little girl in diapers is talking back and expressing her opinion and that, apparently, is immature. And when this little girl in diapers expresses her opinion, she is expected to apologize for saying something she is not even remotely sorry for. 

It is this odd tug-of-war I am having with relatives as I see them now that I am home from college. Somewhere along the way I found my voice, and people will have to get used to that. I understand that relatives deserve respect, but so do I.

Four months until I turn 21, and dammit I’m going to as much of an adult as I can.


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