Blood Moon Eclipse

Early Tuesday morning, there was a a really awesome Total Lunar Eclipse. My girls (and a few of their friends) and I were lucky enough to be able to watch it! That’s right — we braved the cold temperatures and early hours in order to see this awesome event that won’t happen again until 2019. At 1:30 in the morning, we headed out to a lake near campus and set up camp at one of my resident’s RV lot (she was gracious enough to let us go there!). We spread blankets on the ground, built a fire in the fire pit, and laid out to watch the moon slowly pass through Earth’s shadow. It was remarkable how many more stars we could see just a few minutes away from the light pollution of campus! We saw shooting stars, ate s’mores, and had lovely talks about life. ImageImage


Here most of us are! I only wish I could have gotten decent pictures of the moon. One girl brought her truck so a few were laying in the bed of it. I had 15 people go, which is amazing for it being so early in the morning on a school night. We were out until 4 in the morning! We all came back smelling like campfire smoke, which is the best smell in the world. This program was definitely something my girls were really excited about and they loved it — I even got several Twitter shout-outs (’cause I’m cool like that). This was a once-in-a-lifetime program, and I’m so glad it happened. 


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