Yesterday I told my big brother something, and he was very taken aback. The confession?

I want to date a Deaf boy.

The minute that came out of my mouth, my brother blurts out “You’re a sick fuck!” over the phone and right in my war. Not exactly something I wanted to hear. “Why would you want to date someone for their disability?” I sat there and listened to his rant, partly because I knew there was no shutting him up, and partly because I had no idea why I have this desire to date a Deaf person. And it bothered me for the rest of the day. So I did what any other person would do when looking for answers. I Googled it.

Is it weird that I want to date a Deaf person?

Boom. Results. Luckily for me, people had the same question and the same feelings. Unfortunately for me, the responses were pretty negative. Some people said I would take advantage of a Deaf person. Some people said I would patronize them. Others said that they are not zoo animals and don’t need hearing people looking at them as if they are a fascination. But none of that fits with me. I would never take advantage, I would’t patronize them. To me, wanting to date a Deaf guy is like Americans wanting to date British guys or Italians. It’s another culture. And that is when it hit me. I knew why I wanted to date a Deaf guy.

I am in love with their culture. I have grown up with it. I began learning American Sign Language when I was in 3rd grade because my elementary school was were all of the Deaf kids went. My two best friends were Yessica and Natalie, two Deaf girls. I am in love with their culture, and so I am in love with their people. Their culture and their people just make more sense to me.  Their language is beautiful, and I can express myself more. I feel like, because of their culture, Deaf people understand me better. With them, I would feel more at home. 

I’m not turning down hearing guys because they are hearing. What I am saying is dating a Deaf guy is something I would like to do — I’m not actively seeking out Deaf guys, but if the opportunity arises… I would take it in a heartbeat. 


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2 Responses to Confessionals

  1. Lisa says:

    He probably might have thought you could easily leave him for a hearing guy but then there’s no way a hearing guy can mess with a deaf guy when it comes to a hearing girl or so because a deaf guy can also be physically able and even fight back.

    • ameliaalexis says:

      This is very true, but I really don’t see hearing vs. Deaf. I just see guy vs. guy, but perhaps they are from two different cultures. Hopefully my brother will become more understanding!

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