A Happy Post!

I was going through my blogs with a friend and I noticed that they have all recently been very depressing. So, here is a happy one!

I am starting my second year of college in about a week. Overall, I think the summer went exactly how it needed to go, and that was my 11:11 wish. I succeeded in my boy diet (though I broke it two days early, but it is still an accomplishment!) and I am actually thinking about extending it to Christmas for my own sanity. But more about all of that in another post.

I want to start this new school year off right. I am an RA now (residential assistant) and I am super stoked. I have met most of the girls on my floor and I can tell it will be a fun yet challenging year. I created another blog to document my first year as an RA, and you can find that thelifeofanra.wordpress.com. I want to start it off single, the complete opposite of last year. In fact, I want to do everything opposite of last year. I have made a lot of new friends through being an RA and I am excited to actually have people to hang out! I have vowed to myself to rarely be in my room, and I intent to keep that vow. 

Hopefully this year will be the bomb. I feel like I have college mostly figured out. And I have exciting news!! But you all have to wait for the announcement in a later post — I have an annoying friend bugging me to play Lego Star Wars.


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All around procrastinator, screw-up extraordinaire.
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