Cory Monteith died.

I know it is dumb to post about it, but still. He was such an influential actor, and one of my favorites. And his death is so unexpected.

I was reading about it, and in every article I have come across it mentions how he had just completed rehab for substance abuse and was doing great. He had a great career, a great family, a fantastically talented and beautiful girlfriend. Apparently he was happy and on the right track again.

I suppose this shows that no matter how happy you are or think you are, no matter how much support you have, no matter what track your life is on, it is really up to you. Only you can fix yourself. It doesn’t matter if you feel happy and like things are looking up, just one moment of darkness, one moment of relapse, and it could all tumble back down again.

And that terrifies me.




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