Five Days

I’ve been trying to ignore it, but for some reason that little seed is trying to push its way out of the back of my head and into my eyes. It is a bit annoying, considering I am pretty much over it. And I know I am, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t feel as free as I have been this whole summer.

In five days, I met him a year ago. It was chance, really.

I had just gotten off work at 11 pm and was ready to slam into my bed and stay there. However, I received a text on the way home from my best friend Lindsay who was having a little get together at the cabin. I really didn’t want to go, but I had recently broken up with a guy and was so depressed I slept through the Fourth of July, so I said okay. I threw on a shirt and some shorts, freshened up my makeup, and went over.

The door opened and I immediately saw these two guys at the end of the living room, slouching behind a beer pong table. One was tall and one had a cowboy hat. My view became obstructed by my best friend who gave me a hug and began introducing me to everyone. Myself, being the socially awkward one, attempted to melt into the background until I was pulled forward by some girl who wanted me to be her partner in beer-pong. Since it was a night for forcing myself into situations, I said yes. Somehow I ended up playing by myself against those two boys, and miraculously won.

I’m going to condense this part for time purposes. The tall one, Conar, was hitting on me. I was dodging. We swam in the lake. Everyone got naked in the lake. I got out of the lake. Conar was still hitting on me. I found out the two boys were in the army with Lindsay’s fiancé. Conar passed out. Most people either left or passed out. I pulled out the couch-bed and made myself comfortable. The only one left in the room was the other army guy, Brandon.

To avoid awkward silence, he struck up  a conversation with me. We talked about this and that, where we were from and who we were. He asked if he could sit in the bed with me because his chair was starting to hurt him, so I said yes. For some magical unknown reason, we were up until seven in the morning talking. We laughed, we teased, we play-fought. I remember looking into his eyes and thinking how beautiful they were. And I remember thinking about how this boy had the potential to take me on an adventure.

I’m making it sound more dull than it actually was. But believe me, the whole night was movie perfect.

We eventually fell asleep. I woke up to the sounds of Lindsay screaming “AWKWARD. AWKWARD AWKWARD AWKWARD.” And then I realized his arms were around me. He woke up and began giggling at Lindsay, and pulled me closer. I remember Lindsay saying “Well, you two fit together.”

Eventually, he had to go. Not only was he an army boy with Conar and Lindsay’s fiancé, but they were army boys stationed in Kansas. And they were army boys who had to drive back up to Kansas that day. Brandon and I said good-bye to each other, and I came to peace with the thought that I would never see him again. It was just one magical night that I would remember for the rest of my life.

And later that day, I got on Facebook and saw a message from Brandon saying “Hey, in the rush to leave I didn’t get your number. If you don’t mind, could I have it?”

And it went from there.


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