Dear daddy, Happy Father’s Day.

Dear daddy,

 So, today is Father’s Day and I am about to enter into my second year of college. Hard to believe, isn’t it? I remember when I was little, you would take me to Kid’s Castle at night and we would go fishing. There was this one time where I hooked a blind catfish in the eye and we couldn’t get it out, so we took it home and Uncle Brian fried it. I cried for hours and refused to eat it because I felt sorry for the poor fish. I can’t believe I remember that, do you? For some reason that memory sticks out to me. I also remember when I was in middle school playing soccer and somehow I hurt my ankle. It was winter and the stupid ankle began to swell up, so you had me stick my foot in a bucket of ice water while we drove home. Another memory I have is of us singing as loud as we could to every Train, Jimmy Buffett, and Barenaked Ladies song.

All of those memories, the good and the bad, are special to me. I always have little blips of memory from when I was little pop up about you at random points of the day and they make me smile. I look back at the person you were and the person you are now and I am so very proud of you. Great, now I sound like a parent. But seriously, you have done so well. You are the hardest worker I have ever known and that is something I aspire to be – a hard worker – and what a great example you have set for both me and the rest of the kids.

 I was in a counseling session talking about you and I began to tear up. You see, I have this deep seeded fear that when you get to be an old grump you will have so many regrets and feel as if you didn’t do good enough or work hard enough or you weren’t a good father, and it breaks my heart because none of that is true. You have done your best with what life has given you, and might I say you took what you had and ran with it, never stopping. You work incredibly hard, like I said before, and you have been the best father a girl could ask for. I don’t know how you deal with so many girls in the house, but I always marveled at how you knew when to leave me alone and when to help. So please, don’t have any regrets and don’t feel as if you accomplished nothing, because you are raising six amazing kids who are turning out to be geniuses and don’t have any kids out of wedlock. Lots of parents don’t have the luxury of saying that!

 Anyway, I know I never say it enough, but I do love you. You have been and always will be my first love, even if a guy comes in and sweeps me off my feet one day – which I doubt will happen because by that time I will be happily married to my 26 cats.

Happy father’s day!

-Your bestest daughter ever.


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