I’m currently having a slight panic attack.

At 1:30 in the morning.

Go figure.

What am I panicking about you ask? My cat.

What was I thinking when I adopted her? I can’t have a cat. I live in a dorm, and I will for at least another year. I’m not allowed to have a cat. And I’m going to be an RA this coming up year. I can’t break the rules and have a cat. 

I need to take her back to the shelter. But oh my god, what is that going to do to her? She has already been given up once. I am literally crying my eyes out right now because I don’t want to think about how much her little heart will break being given up a second time. I don’t want her to think anything is wrong with her. I don’t want to take her to the shelter in a box and watch her being caged up again and looked at like a product on the shelf. I don’t want to have to see the look in her eyes when I am handing her over, because I will look in those precious eyes and see her confused and scared asking “Mommy, what is happening? Where am I going? Am I going to be okay? Mommy… why are you giving me away? I promise I will be extra good if you just take me home.” 

But this cat, my Jellorium, has given me so much happiness since I got her. When I’m at work I want to go home to her as quickly as I can and when I am home I never want to leave.  I want her to curl up by me every night when we go to sleep. I want her to get excited for bed time and crawl onto my chest as soon as I get into bed. I want her to jump into my lap when I am doing homework. I don’t want any of that to go away. I don’t want her to go away. Ever. But I know the day will come very soon where I will have to take her back. Because what was I thinking? Knowing that soon I will have to live without those things makes me anxious every day. I see her and I am happy, and then I get sad and anxious because I know this happiness won’t last very much longer.

Why can’t I just keep a cat in my room and have people be okay with it?

Why am I crying so hard over a cat?


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2 Responses to Panic

  1. (((Hugs))) tough decisions.

  2. ameliaalexis says:

    Thanks (: It is a tough decision, but I’m trying not to think about too much!

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