The Perfect Summer

Every 11:11 wish I have made over the past few months has been the exact same. I wish that this summer would turn out exactly the way I want it to. I realize this is both a very broad wish and a very specific one. What do I expect of this summer? What do I want to happen in order to fulfill my wish? And the truth is, even I don’t know what specifics I want. Of course I yearn for a blissful summer, one where there is no drama. Only love and life and joy and peace and friends.

Another question that pops up is what do I consider a perfect moment? When I envision such a moment, I see me with a group of friends by the lake, soaking in the sun, grilling some barbecue, playing volleyball, splashing in the water while laughing and listening to loud music. But right now I am in a completely different scene. It is dark outside, thundering and lightening like crazy. I’m sitting in my bed under the covers and blogging, with my lovely cat purring softly next to me. My best friend, McKenzie, is sitting at the bottom of my bed pointing a camera out the window, poised to snap a picture of the scene unfolding outside. For some reason, this moment is beautiful to me, and falls under the category of a perfect moment during my summer break. And it is exactly how I want it.

A few days ago I went to a Memorial Day party. Before anyone showed up, my friend Savanna and I went over and cracked open a Mike’s. We lounged on a couch in the garage while music was playing and one of our friends was grilling. Nothing was being said, we just enjoyed the weather, the smell, and each other’s company. That moment to me was perfect. And exactly how I want my summer to be.

Later that night at the party, a lot of drama happened. Things were done that shouldn’t have been done, things were said that shouldn’t have been said. But it was still perfect. I don’t know why, but it was.

I suppose I will never know what exactly I want out of my summer, but as the summer rolls by, and more of these moments happen, my perfect summer will slowly be formed. I will embrace both the good and the bad and call it perfect. Because that is what it is. Every moment is perfect because I am in it, and so are all my friends.


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