The Best Day Ever.

Today was one of the most amazing days I have had in a long while. Nothing could have ruined it.

It began with having a picnic with my best friend McKenzie down by the pond on campus. We are PB&J’s (because that is the only thing you eat when picnicking) and fruit-by-the-foot while basking in the warm 75 degree, sunny weather. While eating, a flock of geese took notice of our bread and came to help themselves. There was the mom and dad with four little goslings.We began tossing them bread while attempting to not get attacked by the momma goose. They are vicious little buggers when it comes to their babies. And then a second flock came over! They had five goslings. And so began the showdown between the two gaggles (apparently the name for a flock of geese??)

I called them the Montegoose and the Capuleggs.


After the lovely outing at the park, I met my friend Savanna at the animal shelter. We went into the animal control side first (run by the police department) and were shocked to find six litters of kittens meowing at us. We, of course, proceeded to hold every one of them. There was a little rascal who would climb on the cage, so I opened the door to pick him up and he literally jumped out at me and landed on my shoulder. It was adorable. And then we set our eyes on an 8 year old feline. Her name was Mia, and she was quietly meowing and rubbing against the cage. So I opened it and picked her up.


She is now mine. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

After the animal shelter we brought her home. Her name was Mia, which happens to be my nickname, so we decided to change it. I’m still not sure of a name, but we are temporarily calling her Jelly Bean. If you have any ideas for a name, let me know? I suck at the whole naming thing. Anyway, we let Jelly Bean acclimate to the new environment, which she did splendidly. Image

While she explored my room, Savanna, McKenzie, and I watched CATS the Musical to celebrate our new lovely cuddle buddy. And let me tell you, she is a huge cuddler. And when 8:30 rolled around…


I added to my tattoo collection. Make this #5. Ignore my awful roots. Music has always been important to me. My fondest memories as a child are of me on stage with my daddy singing in a musical, and also being apart of choir for as long as I can remember. My high school choir was my family, and music has always been my outlet, so it seemed right to create a tribute.

My day ended with a trip to WalMart with my best friends, reorganizing my room, and finally sitting in my bed with my beautiful cat snuggling up against my side while we listen to the The Great Gatsby soundtrack, snacking on dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets,  and blogging. Perfect.

So all in all, a wonderful, eventful, relaxing and exhausting (at the same time) day. You know, every 11:11 wish, I wish that this summer will be exactly the way I want it to be. And today was the beginning of that wish coming true.


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