Today I woke up after an amazing night with an old friend. My eyes opened as the sun just began peaking over the horizon. A bird was chirping and a car door slammed shut just a few doors down. I was a bit annoyed actually at the fact that I woke up before my alarm. It took me about a half an hour to actually get out of bed, considering it was 6 in the morning, and once I was out all I wanted to do was get back in it. I wasn’t looking forward to the four hour drive back to Stilly with my mother (though I do love her dearly, the fact that I would have to go the speed limit was depressing), and I wasn’t looking forward to having to move all of my crap out of my dorm and into another.

I packed the things that I brought home into my car and took off with mom. It was a good drive. I had nice conversations with mom about the future and about the past week, and then I sang to her for two hours while blasting my favorite musical. We got everything moved in about two hours, which I thought was excellent, and mom bought me a new fridge for my dorm. We hugged and said good bye and she drove back home with a friend, and I set to work getting my room in order. A few minutes ago, my best friend texted me and told me my ex and his girlfriend split.

And it dawned on me – I hadn’t thought about him all day. Or the day before. In fact, I hadn’t thought about him unless someone brought him up. When my best friend told me the news, I didn’t feel happy that he was hurting but I didn’t feel sad either. I was completely indifferent. The anger is gone, the sadness is gone, the bitterness is gone.

I’m free.


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All around procrastinator, screw-up extraordinaire.
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