Daddy’s Always Right

I was talking to my father yesterday over the phone and he asked me about a date I went on the day before. It was sort of a blind date — I had worked with the guy previously but had on;y seen him maybe two times before he left. A mutual friend of ours wanted to hook us up, and I hesitantly agreed. Well the date came and went. It wasn’t anything spectacular, and I don’t expect anything to come from it. Apparently it was great for him (he won’t stop texting me to hang out again), but for me there was just no spark, and that has been happening a lot lately. I told my dad all of this, and summed it all up with saying:

“You know, daddy, I think I just need some time for myself. I need to take a break from boys for a while. Ever since 7th grade I’ve either had a boyfriend every year or I have had a major crush on someone, and I need to take a breather from all of that. I feel like right now is the best time to do that – I’m tired of the crap boys put me through and I am young and in college… it’s the right time.”

My father proceeded to laugh at me. Confused, I asked what he thought was funny. His respond was:

“Remember at the beginning of this school year, you were dating that guy and I told you that it was a bad idea and I said that you need to be single and enjoy the college life and not worry about boys…”

I laughed and immediately cut him off, knowing he was right but not wanting to cave in. I tried to argue against his logic, but there was no point. He was completely and totally right. And he began to bring up all of the things he has been right about.

In the beginning I hated OSU, and he said I would grow to love it second semester. And I have. I wanted to transfer schools and he wouldn’t let me because he knew I would regret that decision. And he was right. When I didn’t know what major I wanted to pick last summer, he tried to talk to me about speech pathology. I pushed that idea away and went into business just as something to be in. In the middle of the first semester I switched my major to speech pathology, and I couldn’t be happier. He has been right about a hella lot of stuff.

My father is a wise man. He may continually screw up his own life, but he knows what is best for his daughter.


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