You know what I am tired of hearing

It’s college, go wild!

It’s college, do what you want!

It’s college, have fun!

It’s college, you’re supposed to do that!

No. Being a college student does not give you the excuse of being stupid. Seriously?! You are not supposed to sleep around in college, you are supposed to try and better yourself, find out who you are as a person, learn. Not open your woo-ha like a new restaurant in need of customers to stay open. Sure, the first few people will think the restaurant is great, but then the food gets old, the furniture starts tearing, the building starts becoming gross. Don’t let your woo-ha be a restaurant.

But, if you choose to lead that lifestyle, don’t blame it on being in college. That makes College sad. College doesn’t like being associated with hundreds of people who sleep with whatever looks good for that day. College is respectable, or it was. Don’t blame your lifestyle on college. Blame it on yourself. It shouldn’t be “I’m in college, so it’s okay to sleep around! That is what college is about.” No. It should be “It’s okay to sleep around because I said so, not because I’m in college.” Or better yet: “I’m in college, so it’s okay to have fun to a point. I still have to be responsible and take care of myself as well as my grades.”

Be responsible. And next time someone says “Of course it is okay, you’re in college!” slap them and say NO and throw a picture of Grumpy Cat in their face.


About returntoneverland

All around procrastinator, screw-up extraordinaire.
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